Review: Jurassic Kingdom dinosaur exhibition, Osterley Park

Tyranosauraus Rex and triceratops egg at Jurassic Kingdom Osterley Park

“Wow, that’s amazing!” A huge roaring Tyrannosaurus rex greeted us as we arrived at Jurassic Kingdom and the three year old was clearly impressed from the start. The Jurassic Kingdom dinosaur trail is an outdoor exhibition of animatronic and static dinosaurs. There are huge ones towering over you, baby ones hatching out of eggs and hungry-looking ones clawing and fighting each other all along a woodland trail.

Jurassic Kingdom is a touring touring exhibition and we visited it in the first few days at its launch location at the National Trust property of Osterley Park, West London. It will be there until 17th April before touring around the country (see tour locations and dates below).

Osterley House, location of Jurassic Kingdom dinosaur exhibition

They dinosaur models are fairly good; quite realistic and the ones that move usually also have an impressive roar. Our son was a bit frightened by some of the louder roars but he just asked to move away to look at them from a bit of a distance, and he can be a bit overly sensitive. Plenty of children younger then him seemed to be loving it and roaring loudly back! Most of the dinosaurs are roped off and you’re asked not to touch them but there are some smaller ones that you can climb on along the route or dinsaur eggs that you can pose inside for photos. The majority of them – mostly the larger dinosaurs – have signs with details of their names and some information about where they lived and what they ate etc. Personally I think it would have been good if all of them had labels, or at least names, as our son kept asking what they were all called and I’m a bit rubbish at remembering! We were impressed by the amount of dinosaurs he did recognise though and it never ceases to amaze me how little kids, including ours, can remember the really complicated dinosaur names that I can barely pronounce.

There was also an area that I thought was just a sandpit – I steered our son past it quite quickly as I knew he’d want to take his socks and shoes off and I was reluctant as it was a cold day. However, I’ve since read online that it was actually supposed to be a T-Rex excavation pit but it really wasn’t very clear and they could have had some better signage. We probably would have had a go if we had realised.

Pterodactyl or pterosaurs dinosaurs at Jurassic Kingdom, Osterley Park

Along the trail there are woodlands and a den building area as well as some swings to play on, so lots of natural attractions to amuse the kids apart from the dinosaurs. The bluebells are also starting to make an appearance in the woodland and there’s even a nesting swan very close to the path that the children were all intrigued by.

There’s a small marquee labelled as an education area which has a few chairs in and shows a film about dinosaurs if you need a sit down and a rest on the way. There are also a few toilets dotted along the route.

Diplodocus dinosaur at Jurassic Kingdom, Osterley Park

At the way in and out of the trail, along with a virtual reality ride (an extra £5), a merchandise stall and toilets, there are some food vans. Although these were advertised as “mouth-watering street food vans” online it seemed to be fairly standard van food like chips, coffee and sweets so nothing that was very appealing and I was glad we had brought a picnic. Tickets are not cheap when there is a whole family visiting, so we weren’t alone in bringing our own lunch. And unlike some short-sighted attractions, there are no restrictions on bringing your own food which is great. There are a few logs and picnic tables dotted along the trail but it’s probably a good idea to bring a blanket as they were all busy – they could definitely do with a few more. Half way along the trail there were a few more vans selling drinks and churros and, as we love churros, we shelled out an extortionate £6 for a large portion which turned out to be cold and tastelesss so I’d definitely give those a miss. (I know, we’re mugs!)

Dinosaurs fighting, Jurassic Kingdom at Osterley Park

You are asked to specify an hourly entrance time when you purchase tickets and when we arrived at about 11am the trail was very busy. However, it never felt overly crowded and it seemed like there was a steady stream of people arriving throughout the day. Also, nobody seemed to be actively checking our time slot so I think this is more to help stagger visitors rather than something they are really strict about. The trail seemed to appeal to both girls and boys alike with kids of both sexes running around excitedly. (This made me happy as far too often dinosaurs seem to be marketed mostly at boys for some reason.)

Animatronic dinosaurs at Jurassic Kingdom Osterley Park

We spent about three hours doing the trail at a very leisurely pace and with a long stop for our picnic lunch. So you could obviously do it a lot quicker if you needed to or you can stay longer as there is no time limit once you are inside. You could also spend some time looking around Osterly House itself, there’s a National Trust cafe outside the trail if you want something other than the food from vans and the Cadbury Easter egg hunt is taking place in the gardens at the other side of the house. However, our Little One was pretty exhausted by the long walk and the excitement so he was happy to head home full of chat about his favourite dinosaurs.

I’d definitely recommend a visit for any little ones who like dinosaurs and, even for children with only a passing interest, it’s a great way to get the kids out and about in the fresh air enjoying the gardens and woodland.

Diplodocus at Jurassic Kingdom Osterley Park

Parking is provided in fields next to Osterley Park and it is worth noting that the walk to the entrance of Jurassic Kingdom at the side of the house is quite long for little ones and ours was not the only one complaining how far it was. However, it will be no problem for older kids and I just wish we had remembered to bring the buggy board. The whole trail is suitable for prams and is a flat, easy walk.

Jurassic Kingdom will be at Osterley Park until 17th April and then will be embarking on a UK tour.


10am to 6pm (last entry at 5pm). Entry is by hourly time slots but once  inside you can stay as long you wish.


Osterley Park, Jersey Road, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 4RB (sat nav TW7 4RD).

There is parking on site which is an extra £7 which I think is pretty steep on top of the cost of tickets – be warned it’s cash only! It took us about an hour and twenty minutes to drive from Woodford Green.

If you want to take public transport the nearest tube is Osterley on the Picadilly line and its only a 1 mile walk away. Isleworth train station is 1½ miles away. You can catch the H28 Hayes to Hounslow to Osterley, or the H91 Hounslow to Hammersmith to within 1 mile.



£13.50 adults online, £15 on the door

£11.50 Child online, £13 on the door (Under threes go free)

£46 Family Ticket, £52 on the door

Prices are cheaper for the rest of the tour at the other locations in the UK!

The Cadbury Easter Egg hunt costs an additional £3.


Birmingham 20th May – 4th June

Manchester 8th – 23rd July

Blackpool 5th – 13th August

Glasgow 26th August – 10th September

Newcastle 23rd September – 1st October

Leeds 14th – 29th October


Jurassic Kingdom website

Osterley Park website

Review: Owls Play Centre Fairlop Waters

I have to admit that I’m a new convert to the charms of Owls Play Centre. For a long time I had avoided it due to some friend’s bad experiences there on a wet, Saturday afternoon – too busy, too noisy and all a bit too much. So we had been going regularly to Ashlyn’s play centre and farm which we love but it’s just that little bit further away. But recently I realised that I should be making up my own mind and I’m so glad we went.

toadstools at Owls Play Centre

The first day we went my 3 year old ran around excitedly for 4 hours straight, barely stopping to sip water and shove in some snacks. Since then he asks me almost every day if we can go to the play centre! Luckily for me, when we first went they were doing a deal on the unlimited annual membership and I signed up there and then. And we’ve been back at least once a week since.

baby playing at Owls Play Centre


The first thing to say is that I was braced for it to be super busy and I was surprise by how quiet it’s been most times we’ve been. We have been going on weekday afternoons and after a busy period over lunch time it usually empties out by 1.30/2pm, presumably for nap times. And it gets even quieter still around 3pm when parents head off for the school run and although I had expected it to get busy after school it doesn’t ever get super hectic. So that was my first worry resolved.

Owls Play Centre play equipment

The other great thing is the sheer size of the place, it’s purpose built and so there is loads of play equipment to stop the Little Ones getting bored. There are some big slides in the middle and lots of other little areas, climbing sections, tunnels and rope bridges.

slide at owls play centre

There’s also a really fun machine like a giant hoover which you feed the play balls into and it goes up to the ceiling, then it releases them all after a few minutes to squeals of delight. One of the other aspects that I really like is that they play areas are sectioned off into three.

baby in baby area of owls play centre

A baby area for under threes, a toddler area for under fives and then the main section for under twelves.

Toddler play area at Owls Play Centre

There are lots of tables and a cafe so you can sit and have a coffee and some food while the Little Ones wear themselves out. To be honest, the food is not amazing and is mostly the usual beige kids offerings of chips, nuggets, fish fingers etc. It would be nice to see a bit more healthy food and the coffee wasn’t wonderful but let’s be honest no one is really visiting for the food and drink.

play equipment at Owls Play Centre

There are lots of high chairs, changing stations and mini toilets which makes it easier for pre-schoolers who like to do things on their own! And you can bring buggies in as well.

baby in ball pit owls play centre


As it’s part of Fairlop Waters Country Park there is plenty of parking but the only downside is the cost and the fact you have to have coins. I’m hoping if they have to update the machines for the new pound coins they might install a pay by phone option – especially as half the machines are always out of order. The prices are £1.30 for 1-2 hours but as most sessions are usually a few hours you’re more likely going to be paying the £3 all day charge. The fact that it is right next to Fairlop Waters does mean that you can make a day of it. The lake is lovely to walk around and there are climbing boulders and logs to climb on all around the lake if you need to wear the Little Ones out even more!

If you’re visiting by public transport it’s only a few minutes walk from Fairlop Waters tube and you can get take bus routes 150 167 169 247 275 462 which all stop at Fullwell Cross, stop A.

ADDRESS: Owls Play Centre, Fairlop Waters, Forest Road, Barkingside, Essex, IG6 3HN


£4.20 Toddler (1-3 years)

£6.40 Junior (Over 4 years)

£1.60 Babies Under 1 year or free if accompanying an older sibling

Free Babies under 6 Months

Accompanying adult £1

Annual Membership: £130 Toddler (1-3 years) or £150 Junior (Over 4 years)

FURTHER INFORMATION: Call 020 8500 9669 or email:

Owls Play Centre Website

Find out about other activities at Fairlop Waters Country Park including angling, golf, high rope park and Boulders Park by visiting the Fairlop Waters website.


Easter Egg Hunts & Easter Activities in West Essex & London

Yay for Easter – it means Spring is finally here, daffodils are cheering up gardens everywhere and of course you can eat lots of chocolate without feeling guilty. My mum used to hide chocolate eggs all over the house on Easter Sunday and so I love an Easter egg hunt. I’ve been doing them with my little one since he could toddle around the garden but this year I think he’s old enough to enjoy a more adventurous Easter egg hunt. Here are some suggestions for some in West Essex and London as well as other Easter and Springtime activites to do with the children.


Moomins at Kew Royal Botanical Gardens

Explore the hidden depths of the Gardens on an interactive trail culminating at the magical Moomin camp in the wild woodland of the Natural Area. Take part in craft workshops while you sample the Moomins’ beloved pancakes and visit the Hemulens’ Herbarium to find out more about your favourite spring flowers and plant conservation.

Originally created in the 1950s, the Moomins are a family of adventurous and nature-loving creatures from the culturally iconic storybooks by Finnish writer and artist Tove Jansson.

In place of the Easter Sunday Easter Egg Hunt, this year we’ll be giving away delicious Lindt chocolate treats at the gates on Easter Sunday.

Dates & times: Saturday 1 – Monday 17 April
Price & tickets: Included in entry fee to Kew Gardens
Address: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 3AE
More details: Kew Gardens website


Community event run by volunteers with an Easter-themed egg hunt, craft stalls, quiz and story tent with local children’s author. Families are encouraged to bring a picnic.

Dates & times: 8 April, 10.30am – 1pm
Price & tickets: TBC
Address: Elmhurst Gardens, South Woodford, E18 1DR


Step into the wonderful world of Alice in Wonderland at Valentines Mansion. With interactive outdoor theatre performances, craft activities, childrens rides, activity trails, movie time and much, much more. Suitable for 5 years plus

Dates & times: Sunday 9 April 11am-4pm
Price & tickets: £5 per child (activities included in the ticket price), free entry for under 5s (this does not include participation in some activities). Pre-booking essential. Free for adults (maximum 1 per child). Some activities may be chargeable. Valentines Box Office
Address: Valentine’s Mansion and Gardens, Emerson Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 4XA
More details:  Valentines Mansion & Gardens website


Wow! Said the Owl by Little Angel Theatre at Stratford Circus Arts Centre

Explore the wow-world of colours with this curious little owl who is determined to stay awake to see what day light brings. From the warm pink glow of dawn through to a day filled with the bright colours of green leaves, blue sky, grey clouds and, finally, a stunning rainbow — ‘WOW!’. But despite the beauty of the daytime world, the little owl decides that the night-time stars are the most beautiful of all.

This acclaimed children’s book by award-winning author Tim Hopgood is brought to life with beautiful story-telling, puppetry and music.

Suitable for children ages 2 – 5 years old and duration is 35 minutes.

Dates & times: Thursday 13 – Saturday 15 April 11am & 2pm
Price & tickets:
Stratford Circus Arts Centre, Theatre Square, Stratford, London, E15 1BX
More Details: Stratford Circus website


Epping Ongar Railway’s beloved Bertie Bunny will be leading what is probably the longest Easter egg hunt in Essex. Running the length of the railway track, from Ongar through to Coopersale, the distance covered is equivalent to 131,579 eggs placed end to end!

Children will follow clues to find numbered eggs along the railway and will recieve a special Easter treat when they hand in their sheets. The Easter Bunny will be out and about on the stations and aboard some special trains during the day. There’s also face painting and a children’s disco at various times throughout the day at North Weald station.

Dates & times: 14 – 17 April
Price & tickets:
Discounts for advance purchases Adults £13 (on the day £15), Children £7 (on the day £8), Family £34 (on the day £39)
More Details: Epping Ongar Railway website


Follow the nature trail through Hainault Forest, find clues to answer the puzzle at the end to gain your chocolatey prize.

Dates & times: Saturday 15 April 12 noon – 3pm
Price & tickets:
£2 per child, free for accompanying adults and family. Booking essential.
Meet at the Common Car Park, IG7 6EZ – opposite Chigwell Primary School
More Details: Woodland Trust website or call 0330 333 5302


Family fun at Hopefield Animal Sanctuary this Easter with an Easter egg hunt, stalls, inflateables, live music, animal handling and the fantastic Crazy Legs providing the children with fantastic entertainment. Plus you get to see over 400 of their rescued animals.

Dates & times: Sunday 16 April 12noon – 4pm, Easter Egg hunt starts at 1pm
Price & tickets: £5 adults, £4 children and free for Under 3s, Easter Egg hunt is £2 per child
Address: Hopefield Animal Sanctuary, Sawyers Hall Lane, Brentwood, CM15 9BZ
More details: Hopefield Fun Day event on Facebook


Children can see the Easter bunny and join in the Easter egg hunt while adults enjoy the spring flowers. There will be tea/coffee and homemade cakes available until 4.00pm and the gift shop will be open until the same time.

Dates & times: Sunday 16 April 2pm – 4pm
Price & tickets: Entry £5 per person, egg hunt 50p per child
Address: Copped Hall, Crown Hill, Epping CM16 5HS
More details: Copped Hall website


Some of the ducklings from Chigwell Meadows have gone walkabout and there are prizes to be won if you can help to find them.

Dates & times: Monday 17 April 10am-1pm
Price & tickets: £5 donation to Essex Wildlife Trust
Address: The Grange Farm Cebtre, Chigwell, IG7 6DP
More details: Phone 020 8500 3094 or visit the Essex Wildlife Trust website


Search Owls Play Centre and around Fairlop Waters Country Park looking for tokens which can be exchanged for special Easter treats. After the hunt little ones can enjoy the Owls Play Centre.

Dates & times: Monday 17 April The hunt will start at 10am, 12noon, 2pm & 4pm12 noon – 3pm
Price & tickets:
£10 includes Easter Egg Hunt, special Easter treat and 1 hours play in Owls Tickets can be bought in advance from Owls.
Owls Play Centre, Fairlop Waters, Forest Road, Barkingside, Essex, IG6 3HN
More Details: Owls Play Centre website


Easter fun at The View at the Chingford end of Epping Forest. There’s egg decorating, Easter crafts and Easter egg rolling at 2pm. There’s also an Easter trail where you can follow clues along the woodland trail to mee the Easter bunny.

Dates & times: Monday 17 April 1pm – 4pm
Price & tickets:
Free, no booking required. Hard boiled eggs to decorate are £2 each
The View, 6 Ranger’s Rd, Chingford, London E4 7QH
More Details: City of London website or call 020 73321911

And it’s a bit of a trek over to West London but the JURASSIC KINGDOM dinosaur exhibition at Osterley Park is brilliant and well worth a vist. It’s on until 17th April and you can read my review of Jurassic Kingdom here.

If you fancy an Easter activity at home instead, here’s my recipe for How to make Chocolate Easter Egg nest cakes.

Mini Moments: Farewell Oman

Boy on beach at Muscat Hills Beach Club Oman

After neglecting the blog for a while, I normally start the next post with an apology but frankly this picture will show you why I’m not sorry! I’ve been making the most of maternity leave with an extended holiday to Oman to visit my parents. They will be retiring this Spring after 19 years in this amazing Middle East country and, as they’ve spent most of their married life travelling and working around the world, it’s the longest they have lived anywhere. The Omani people are lovely and the country has worked hard to preserve its rich cultural heritage and stunning landscape. And as you can see from this photo, the beaches aren’t bad either. Obviously they are very sad to be leaving such a beautiful country and I’m gutted that I won’t be heading out there for a dose of winter sunshine each year.

Ma’a as-salaama Oman.

Santa’s Grottos in West Essex and beyond for Christmas 2016

The Christmas preparations are in full swing and if you’re anything like me you’re probably starting to feel a bit stressed out with all the shopping that hasn’t been done and the never-ending to do list. So cheer yourself up by taking the kids to see Santa and grabbing a glass of something mulled. When you see their faces light up, it will remind you why you’re running around in a festive panic! Here are some places where you can find Father Christmas in West Essex and London:


Santa’s grotto will be open at weekends at Chigwell Christmas Land but there are plenty of other things to entertain the little ones and get you in the festive spirit on weekdays as well. There’s an ice skating rink, a festive food and drink, live entertainment, a gift stall and story book characters on Christmas Eve.

Dates & times: Santa’s Grotto will be open on Saturday and Sundays 1pm-3pm (excluding 25/26/31 Dec and 1 Jan). Christmas Land will be open until 5 January 2017
Price & tickets: Free entry but you need tickets for ice skating which is £8.50 adults and £7.50 children (4-15 years)
Address: Chigwell Hall, Chigwell Hall High Road, Chigwell, Essex, IG7 6BD
More details: Christmas Land website


Santa in Victorian Santa's Grotto at Museum of London Docklands

The Sailortown gallery has been transformed with festive decorations and the sound of Victorian carols being sung. Find Santa in his grotto and receive a festive gift. Suitable for ages 1 – 7 years old.

Dates & times: Until Friday 23 December
Price & tickets: It’s advisable to book in advance but some slots are available on the day. From £7 per child (includes gift). Photographs available at an additional cost.
Address: Museum of London Docklands, No.1 Warehouse, West India Quay, London E14 4AL
More details: Museum of Docklands website


We’ve done this for a few years and our son loves the steam train. There’s mulled wine, mince pies and snacks for the kids when you arrive and a children’s entertainer to keep the little ones busy. You then board the classic steam train for a short journey through the countryside. While on board Santa and his elves visit the carriages and deliver presents to the children. There is limited parking so it’s advisable to get one of the special vintage route master busses from Epping or Ongar which is included in the fare and the children usually love.

Dates & times: Santa specials will run on the 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23 & 24 December
Price: Adults £18, children £15. You can also book out entire train compartments for large groups.
Address: Trains depart from North Weald station, CM16 6BT
More details: Epping and Ongar Railway website


This year there’s a Kung Fu Panda theme at Westfield shopping centre’s Christmas grotto. There’s interactive games and an immersive, cinematic journey that transports guests to the North Pole for a private meeting with Santa. Flying through the skies and arriving at Santa’s study, you’ll have a personalised Christmas passport processed by the North Pole Customs Shop and Santa will know children by name the moment they walk into his study. Handily, there’s also a buggy park next to the grotto.

Dates & times: Until 24th December
Price: £8 off peak, £10 peak. Family £28 off peak & £35 peak
Address: Outside at Chestnut Plaza, adjacent to the Holiday Inn, Westfield Stratford City, Stratford, E20 1EJ
More details: Westfield Stratford website


Santa reading a story in his grotto, Leicester Square London

The tourist hotspot is being transformed into a winter wonderland with a Christmas market, Santa’s grotto and theatrical performances from La Soiree. Visits to Santa last about 25 minutes and are an ‘audience with’ format with about 20 other children and each child will then get a chance to meet Father Christmas and get a gift.

You must buy a ticket for a specific time slot, either online or on the door, before entering Santa’s Grotto.

Dates & times: Until 8 January (Except Christmas Day and Boxing Day), 12pm – 10pm Mon – Fri, 10am – 10pm Sat-Sun
Price: From £10
Address: Leicester Square, London, WC2
More details: Christmas in Leicester Square website


If you want to avoid the more expensive options, a visit to Santa at his grotto in Redbridge library can be a good value option. For just £3.50 your little one can meet Santa and his elves and receive a gift. Booking in advance is advised as he’s only there on selected dates.

Dates & times: Sat 17, Mon 19 – Sat 24 December
Price: £3.50 which includes a gift
Address: Redbridge Central Library, Clements Road, Ilford, IG1 1EA
More details: book online through the eventbrite website


Canary Wharf Santa's grotto

Visit Santa in his grotto in the Canary Wharf shopping centre. There are other children’s festive events at the centre during December including an ice rink, festive face painting, Christmas snow globe, children’s art and craft workshops.

Dates & times: 11am – 5pm, Open on weekends throughout December and then from 22-24 December.
Price: £2 donations required to Richard House Children’s Hospice and Tommy’s, the baby charity.
Address: Jubilee Place, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5NY
More details: Canary Wharf website


A favourite with lots of families who return every year the grotto at Crews Hill garden centre. You get to ride on “Santa’s Express” and travel through 20 different Christmas scenes before arriving at Santa’s workshop with his real reindeer. Then after meeting the main man you can visit the giant snow globe and skate on the indoor skating rink.


There’s also a huge selection of Christmas gifts and decoration to buy as well as festive foods and hampers.

Dates & times: 10am-5pm Monday to Saturday, 10am – 4.30pm Sunday
Price: £8 per child (includes train ride through the grotto visit with Santa and present), £2 per accompanying adult. Tickets available on the day.
Address: Cattlegate Road, Crews Hill, Enfield, EN2 9EE
More details: Christmas Wonderland website


As part of your visit to Willow’s activity farm you can get the golden key to Santa’s Toy Shop and you’ll meet christmas characters in the grotto. After meeting Santa and telling him what they would like for Christmas, Santa hands each child a golden key to his Toy Shop where they can choose ANY gift from the hundreds stacked from floor to ceiling.

There’s also lots of other activities including a Nativity Story with animals, festive shows, a seasonal Snowball Shootout as well as animals in The Farmyard. Back outside there’s a Festive Wood Ride, Reindeer Hunt with free box of magic reindeer dust plus Festive Funfair Rides all included in the price.

Dates & times: Until 24 December, 10am – 5pm
Price: £12 adult, £33 child (2-16 years) discounts available for online bookings
Address: Willows Activity Farm, Coursers Road, London Colney, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL4 0PF
More details: Willows Farm website

Bonfire Night Firework Displays in West Essex

Sparklers at the ready! It’s that time of year again where we brave the cold and get our best oohs and aaahs ready to admire the fireworks. I used to love fireworks night when I was a kid and I can’t wait to create similar lovely memories for my little ones. Here are some bonfire night and firework displays in Loughton, Abridge, Chigwell, Waltham Abbey and North and East London.




The Fireworks Party will be feature a hog roast and other hot food, a licensed bar and disco at The Squadron. There’ll be a traditional bonfire and weather permitting there will also be tethered hot air balloons as well as the fireworks display.

Time: Gates open at 5pm
Tickets & booking info: £2 per person, tickets available to buy in advance from The Squadron and you can also pay on the gate.
Address: North Weal Airfield, Merlin Way, North Weald CM16 6HR
Further information: North Weald Facebook page



Fireworks display set against the backdrop of a view of London with a laser show. The giant bonfire is on the lower field and there’s also ice skating sessions available throughout the festival. The family area will have rides, stalls, family-orientated food and drink plus facepainting for the little ones.

There’ll also be a German beer festival with live music and DJs, a Day of the Dead Parade on each day (Friday at 6.45, Saturday at 5.45). There’ll be food from over 40 of London’s street food vans and multiple bars.

Time: Friday gates 4pm, laser show starts 8.35pm and fireworks at 9pm. Saturday gates 3pm, laser show starts at 7.35pm and fireworks at 8pm.
Tickets & booking info: £11 adults, £8.50 child, family tickets available. Tickets available online here
Address: Alexandra Palace Way, London N22 7AY
Further information: Alexandra Palace website



Capacity is limited for this popular display so while tickets are available on the door, it is recommended to book tickets in advance. Refreshments are available during the interval, no parking is available on site and sparklers are not allowed

Time: Gates open 6pm, bonfire 6.45pm, fireworks 7pm
Tickets & booking info: £6 adults, £3 children, £15 family (2 adults & up to 3 children). Tickets available on the door, from parish office or from church hall on the day from 10am – 1pm.
Address: St John’s Church, Church Lane, Loughton IG10 1PD
Further information: 020 8532 0060


As well as a firework display set to music there will be live singers and a DJ. Food will be available from a BBQ and there will be a bar and a photo booth, face painting and a sweetie stall.

Time: From 6pm, fireworks display 7.30pm
Tickets & booking info: £10 adults, £5 children, tickets available on the door or buy in advance online
Address: Woolston Manor, Abridge Roadg, Chigwell, IG7 6BX
Further information: Woolston Manor website



Celebrate bonfire night over the weekend with The Guy Fawkes Experience, theatre performances, science shows and 17th Century characters, a funfair and a firework display.

Time: Guy Fawkes Experience from 2pm, fireworks display 7pm, last entry 6.30pm
Tickets & booking info: Adult £9.75, £7.75 child (3-15), free under 3s. Pre-booking advised
Address: Royal Gunpowder Mills, Beaulieu Drive, Waltham Abbey, Essex, EN9 1JY
Further information:



Claiming to be the biggest firework and bonfire event in the area, there’s a Guy Fawkes competition and the ceremonial burning of the guys on the bonfire. There will also be a funfair, bar and various food and drinks stalls opening during the evening. All the profits go to local charities and organisations.

You can make a Guy and enter it into the competition, there are 3 cash prizes up for grabs. Just bring it along on the night by 6.00pm ready for the judging at 6.15pm.

Time: Gates and funfair open at 4:00pm with the fireworks display starting at 7.30pm. The guys will be placed on the bonfire at 6.45pm, which will be lit at 7.00pm.
Tickets & booking info: On the gate prices are £5 Adults and Kids £3. Tickets can be purchased in advance, call 07958 535 971 to order your tickets
Address: Abridge Village Hall field, Ongar Road, Abridge, RM4 1UH
Further information:


This year the theme for the annual fireworks display at Victoria Park is the Great Fire of London. This is a hugely popular display with an estimated 75, 000 people attending last year.

Time: Food & drinks available from 6pm, fireworks display starts at 7pm
Tickets & booking info: No tickets needed and the event is free.
Address: Victoria Park, E3 -the display will be on the eastern side of Victoria Park, with main entrances along Grove Road.
Further information: Tower Hamlets website


What’s on in October half term in West Essex: 22 – 30 OCTOBER 2016

The mornings are chilly, the orange leaves are crunching underfoot  which means autumn is here and Halloween is just round the corner. So if you’re wondering what’s on, here’s some inspiration for activities and local things to do with the kids in Woodford, Wanstead, Ilford, Stratford and East London during half term.



Children dressed as pumpkins for Haven House Pumpkin Plod Halloween

Photo via Haven House

A family sponsored 2k or 5k forest walk starting at Haven’s House Children’s Hospice. Children are encouraged to dress up as pumpkins and receive a pumpkin themed goody bag on arrival. During the warm up there’ll be face painting and refreshments for sale including Bailey’s hot chocolate for the adults. Then the forest walk sets off at 3pm with trick or treats in grunge tanks along the way with a BBQ at the hospice when the walk is completed. Children will receive a shiny medal and their very own pumpkin to take home.

Time: 2PM
Age: All ages
Tickets & booking info: Book in advance online at the Haven House website and start raising money. Child (under 16) £5, Adults (over 16) £8, Family (2 x adults, 2 children) £22 and under 2s are free.
Address: Haven House Children’s Hospice, The White House, Woodford Green, IG8 9LB
Further information: Haven House website



To celebrate their new exhibition Game Plan: Board Games Rediscovered there’s a week of drop-in board game fun. There’s collage workshops, board game design workshops and a giant board game where you become one of the pieces. See the V&A website for details of individual activities

Time: 11AM – 4PM
Age: All ages
Tickets & booking info: prices vary according to activity, details on the website but most are drop-in so no need to book
Address: V&A Museum of Childhood, Cambridge Heath Rd, London E2 9PA
Further information: V&A Museum of Childhood website



Visit the driving school, grab your toolkit, choose your car, colour and drive. An immersive theatre show for 3-9 year olds and their families.

Time: 11AM, 12.30PM & 2.30PM
Age: 3-9 years old
Tickets & booking info: Included in the price of your Day Pass to Discover (£6.50 per person, £22 family of four). This event has limited capacity so pre-booking is essential.
Address: Discover Children’s Story Centre, 383-387 High Street, Stratford, London E15 4QZ
Further information: Discover Centre website



Get creative and make spooky spiders, webs and masks to get you ready for Halloween.

Time: 11.30AM – 12.30PM
Age: 4 years and over
Tickets & booking info: £5 per child, pre-booking essential via Valentine’s Box office
Address: Valentine’s Mansion and Gardens, Emerson Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 4XA
Further information: Valentine’s Mansion website


Meet Vincent the Siberian Fox, Squirt the Skunk and their lovable friends at this fantastic event. You will learn all about the animals, have the chance to pet them all and make a mask of your favourite species to take home with you.

Time: 11.30AM – 1PM & 12.30PM – 2PM
Age: 3 years and over
Tickets & booking info: £10 per child, pre-booking essential via Valentine’s Box office
Address: Valentine’s Mansion and Gardens, Emerson Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 4XA
Further information: Valentine’s Mansion website


This event for the under 5s has storytelling, rhymes and crafts

Time: 10.30AM-MIDDAY
Age: 2-5 years
Tickets & booking info: £1.50 per child, free for parents and carers. Book in person at the Museum 2nd floor or Or call 0208 708 2317
Address: Redbridge Museum, Gloucester Room, Clements Rd, Ilford IG1 1EA
Further information: Redbridge website


Three superbly written and performed stories especially developed for Valentines Mansion by John Kirk. performing at his most spookiest in Valentines Mansion. Come dressed up in your scariest outfits.

Time: 2PM – 3PM
Age: 4 years and over
Tickets & booking info: £5 per child, pre-booking essential via Valentine’s Box office
Address: Valentine’s Mansion and Gardens, Emerson Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 4XA
Further information: Valentine’s Mansion website

Join storyteller John Kirk for a performance of haunting tales of ghostly happenings in the gardens! Please note this is outdoor, suitable attire is recommended to compliment weather conditions at the time. In extreme weather conditions, the performance will be inside the Mansion. Come dressed up in your scariest outfits!

Time: 4.30PM – 5.30PM
Age: 4 years and over
Tickets & booking info: £5 per child, pre-booking essential via Valentine’s Box office
Address: Valentine’s Mansion and Gardens, Emerson Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 4XA
Further information: Valentine’s Mansion website


A day of activities for all the family including Halloween healthy eating tips and tricks,  pumpkin snack making, arts and crafts, pumpkin carving, spooky allotment plant workshop and change for life 10 min shake up special!

Time: 1.30PM – 4PM
Age: All ages
Tickets & booking info: Free
Address: Wanstead Community Allotments, Nutter Lane, Wanstead E11 2JA
Further information: Contact Healthy Eating Team on 020 8822 4142 or email or visit the Redbridge website 



A day of pumpkin carvings from Jack-o-lanterns to spooky faces at The View centre on the edge of Epping Forest. There will be hot and cold drinks will be available to buy.

Time: 12PM – 2PM or 2PM – 4PM
Age: All ages
Tickets & booking info: £5 includes pumpkin and tea light, £2 non-carver for accompanying adults, you can book in person or via the Eventbrite website
Address: The View Courtyard, 6 Rangers Road, Chingford E4 7QH
Further information: Call The View reception on 020 7332 1911 or visit the website


Spooky fun at the farm with pumpkin carving, witch hunt, tractor rooms & BBQ (weather permitting).

Time: 10AM- 4PM
Age: All ages
Tickets & booking info: No need to book, normal farm park admission fees apply which includes tractor ride and witch hunt. Farm park fees £3 children, £4 adults – find more detailed price list online.
Address: Ashlyn’s Farm, Epping Road, Epping, Essex CM16 6RZ
Further information: Ashlyn’s Farm website



One of the Woodland Trust’s most popular events! There is a blood trail to follow, spooky stories, monsters and a zombie zone… all whilst the sun hides in fear behind the ancient trees before silently slipping below the horizon.

Fancy dress is encouraged but wear suitable clothing for the weather conditions for late October!

Time: 6PM-7PM & 8PM-9PM (You can arrive and follow the trail at any time within your booked ticket time slot.)
Age: All ages (If you have young children, please be aware that the walks are aimed to be scary but fun. The earlier time slot will be less scary than the later one.)
Tickets & booking info: £3 per person,  booking essential and payment will be taken on arrival at the event. To book visit the Woodland Trust event page
Address: Hainault Forest Country Park, Lambourne Rd, Chigwell, IG7 6EZ
Further information: Visit the Woodland Trust event page or contact or 0330 333 5302



Meet Horrid Henry for an extra-spooky Halloween, and see if you can impress him (and our Story Builders) with your scariest jokes.

Time: 12.30PM & 2.30PM
Age: All ages
Tickets & booking info: Included in the price of your Day Pass to Discover (£6.50 per person, £22 family of four). This event has limited capacity so pre-booking is essential.
Address: Discover Children’s Story Centre, 383-387 High Street, Stratford, London E15 4QZ
Further information: Discover Centre website