Welcome to West Essex Mums

How the hell did I end up living in a grown up house in the suburbs spending more time watching In The Night Garden than having a social life? Somehow this happened and my previous life, drinking my way around London trying to fit in all the new bars, restaurants, and films is no more.

So I’m getting used to my new life in Woodford with The Little Guy in tow, and to be honest I’m loving it. Having a little person has been even better than I imagined and as he heads towards being one and a half he gets funnier and more amazing each day. But where do you take a one year old? Which cafes aren’t going to kick us out when he insists on feeding himself aka drops stinky tuna sandwich all over the floor? Is soft play a special kind of hell or a handy haven on a rainy day?

The Little One playing with record coasters

I’ve found it quite hard to find out about where to go and what to do with kids in the local area. Not knowing that many other mums means I don’t have the inside knowledge. And as lots of other new mums seem to be moving to the area, I thought it might be useful for others too if I shared what I learn as I investigate the local area seeking out kid-friendly ways to spend our time. So I’m going to give you my honest opinion about local things to do and places to go, reviewing them and writing about them on this blog to help other mums. I’ll be looking at classes and clubs, family friendly activities and kids days out in the local areas: Woodford Green, South Woodford, Wanstead, Snaresbrook, Loughton and Epping. And armed with an Oyster card we’ll also cover London and will take the trusty, rust-bucket we call a car to the M25 seeking out countryside and outdoorsy things in Essex, Surrey Kent and beyond.

The reason I’ve called this West Essex Mums is that this isn’t just about our little family, I want this to be a genuinely useful resource for all local mums, dads and families so please feel free to get in touch with recommendations, questions, suggestions of places or things that you want to know more about and I’ll investigate for you.

Come and say hi on Twitter @WestEssexMums.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to West Essex Mums

    • West Essex Mums says:

      Congratulations you are my first Commenter (is commenter a word?). Ah 6 weeks! They are so adorable at that age. At the beginning, it’s so great that you get to go to lots of baby classes together but I found that when I was back at work you have to think harder about what to do with them at the weekends, hence the blog. I’ve just had a look at your blog and noticed that you’re just starting out on your blogging journey too, good luck and I’ll keep reading yours if you read mine : )

      Liked by 1 person

      • realmomonwisconsin says:

        My WordPress app was being lame and not letting me see any new replies- but its fixed again (WOO!). And yes, I do believe that commenter is a word… if not, I’ll be the first to vote for that change:). I’m absolutely planning to keep up with your blog journies!


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