Healthy Halloween Party Food Ideas for Kids

After picking up a skeleton costume for The Little One at the NCT Nearly New Sale last week, I’ve been thinking about throwing a Halloween party for his friends.

Back in my child-free party days, I used to throw a fancy dress Halloween party for my friends because I really love fancy dress and throwing parties, so it was a no brainer. But with toddlers you can’t just throw alcohol and salty snacks at the problem. The shops might be stuffed full of  Halloween sweets, but what can you feed them that won’t have them climbing the walls on a sugar high?

Easy and healthy halloween satsuma oranges craft idea

Super easy pumpkin satsumas – just use a black pen. From Disney Baby via Pinterest

Pinterest to the rescue. It turns out there’s actually loads of  brilliant ideas for healthy Halloween food for children. Like all the best ideas most of them are so simple I keep thinking, now why didn’t I think of that? But hey, who needs originality when you have the internet. Here are some of my favourites and you can see lots more on my Halloween inspiration Pinterest board including ideas for Halloween decor, costumes and party games.

"boo" nana pops - spooky ghosts made from banana covered in yoghurt

“Boo” nana Pops made with yoghurt from via Pinterest

healthy rice ball pumpkins treats with green bean hats

Rice savoury pumpkin treats from Hello Wonderful via Pinterest

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