boy playing with toy cars, trains and airplanes on sofa

Mini Moments: Lining up the toys

boy playing with toy cars, trains and airplanes on sofa It’s often the small, ordinary moments that catch my breath. And as I’m writing this, it almost feels too cheesy to say that it’s because a surge of love takes over and almost floors you for a second – but it’s true. It’s so easy to get bogged down in making sure they are dressed, fed, entertained and behaving while also juggling a job, relationship, vague attempts at cleaning and trying to stay in touch with friends. Then, there’ll be a little moment when they are doing something quite ordinary and you’ll just want to stop time, remember that moment and try to keep hold of that feeling that they are amazing and you’re doing OK and you wish they’d stop bloody growing up so damn fast.

I decided I wanted to try to capture those times – not with perfect photography (my ancient iPhone prevents that anyway, yes I know #FirstWorldProblems etc) – but with a snapshot of ordinary things that the Little One does that I want to grab hold of briefly as I know these moments will pass too quickly. So I will attempt to make this a regular feature.

At the moment with the Little One it’s all about vehicles: cars, trains, trucks, helicopters but mostly airplanes which are the current obsession. They all get lined up on the sofa each day and regularly fly across to the other sofa to be lined up again along with a babbling, running commentary, which I’m sure makes perfect sense in his little head but is so far unintelligible to us. And somehow it is all the more adorable because of that.

Running in Lavender

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