Mini Moments: Holiday Smiles

Boy on beach in Oman

It’s been very quiet here on the blog for a while. Juggling Christmas preparations and a hectic job in December meant that blogging has taken a back seat and I make no apologies for that. Sometimes living life has to take priority over trying to reflect it online.

We were lucky enough to go away over Christmas to visit my parents in Oman in the Middle East and we had an amazing time. They’ll soon be retiring after living there for 18 years so it was bittersweet saying goodbye to such a wonderful and fascinating country. Luckily the Little Guy enjoyed himself, was totally spoilt by his grandparents and managed to get over his initial reluctance to go swimming and was happily splashing around in the big pool with armbands by the end.

Now I think I might finally be on top of the post-holiday washing and unpacking, so I’m just about ready to focus on 2016. Probably with every other blogger in the land, my resolutions for the year involve trying to post more and finally writing up all the ideas I’ve been meaning to publish since last year.

Hopefully that means lots of useful posts for other mums coming soon.