Wanstead Park bluebells in full bloom

Today was one of those perfect Spring days, a bit of a nip in the air but warm and full of the promise of summer when the sun is on your face. I’ve been meaning to visit Wanstead Park in the last few weeks as I knew it was coming up to bluebell season and I didn’t want to miss the flowers at their best. Wanstead Park has a reputation for having one of the best displays in the area. The ones in our garden and by the roadside seemed to be doing well so I was hopeful the ones in Wanstead Park would all be out too.

bluebells in bloom Wanstead park

And they didn’t disappoint. The bluebell woods are in full bloom at the moment, which I think is slightly earlier than usual, so I’d recommend getting down there as soon as possible while they are looking and smelling amazing. In a week or so they are usually not just starting to fade, but the hordes of people trampling through the woods often means that lots are flattened as well.

The bluebells are in Chalet Wood, near The Temple, and easily accessible from Warren Road on the Wanstead side of the park. You can park for free along Warren Road and there are usually lots of spaces, we managed to get a spot even though it was super busy. Then if you follow Warren Road down to the end where it meets the edge of the park and take the main path, you’ll see the entrance to the bluebell woods on your right. The paths are a bit bumpy and muddy but you should be able to get a buggy down there at the moment.

And if it’s your first visit to Wanstead Park, I’d thoroughly recommend stopping off at the little tea hut called Wanstead Park Kiosk that is next to Heronry and Perch ponds. They do one of the best Mr Whippy style ice creams around in a variety of sizes. And they have home made cakes and sandwiches as well as tea and coffee in proper mugs which are all pretty reasonable. And you can sit on one of the benches watching the ducks while you eat.

boy looking at bluebells in bloom Wanstead park

For more information and a map visit the Wanstead Park website.

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